I might have watched Top Gun a few too many times as a kid. I also might have used that excuse for a few too many decisions involving fast moving vehicles and shirtless beach volleyball competitions.

I know very few guys who don’t like going really fast though, and I can’t imagine all of those afflicted with “The Need – The Need for Speed” can credit Top Gun. It must be our Man Pride talking to us. And by that I mean the little voice in our head that tells us to do stupid things, and not our genitals. Well, it might be those too.

This also isn’t the first time we’ve explored Mike’s youth. Previously I wanted to do a sort of Calvin and Hobbes homage and also try out a more innocent view of the world. I feel like the childhood flashback is effective, but also somewhat limited. A strip entirely of flashbacks turns into another strip altogether. And I don’t want this strip to turn into “How I Met Your Mother”.

There are other opportunities to inject a youthful presence into our strip. We have done it a few times with the boy you’re never going to see again, that kid we saw at PAX and also never saw again, and other odd instances. There will be a time for a child to have a more persistent role in this strip though. And I’m not talking about Mike or Ryan growing up and becoming Dads. That would be ridiculous.

There is also that adorable creature who likes to hang out with Ryan and Michelle. She (yes she, in case you’re blind to pink bows and intense cuteness) appears quite innocent when she’s not transforming into a terrible beast to scare off aggressors and mild annoyances. She (again for you blind comic readers) has her own story to tell.