We’re back to talking about whatever we want this week. A minor cultural war that spills into the geek sub-culture is always worthy discussion. Let me just be clear to start though. I don’t like intolerant people, and I’m going to antagonize them whenever possible.

That anyone outside of the geek community would give a rat’s ass about the relationship options in Star Wars is shocking in itself. That they have ignored each of the previous Bioware games that allowed same-sex attraction between characters further proves either their idiocy or the power of Star Wars in general. The other point to make here is the problem with moral outrage over sexual situations without the least bit of concern over other ethical conundrums. At least we got to have a little fun with it.

I didn’t have a single second to sit down and play Final Fantasy XIII-2 this weekend. Maybe I’ll have a minute for it sometime this week. I did finish the last book in the Hunger Games trilogy. I am uncertain if I mentioned it before, but I found its story and characters to be enjoyable, if poorly written. I did not like the first-person-present tense used throughout the story, but I suppose I got used to it.

After several months of holding onto the last two movies in my Netflix disc queue, I finally returned them and received my next disc, the Star Wars blu-ray. I’m not a fan of special editions and all of the changes Mr. Lucas has made. I prefer the original theatrical release, which was only released on one of the DvD sets (apparently out of print). However, I’m morbidly curious to see the new ones from the blu-ray release. I’ve heard some of them are really weird.