There is something about bald men in pop culture that stands out. Certainly anyone played by Patrick Stewart is a god among men. Xavier, Picard…Scrooge, they’re all imposing figures in their respective universes. I’m sure Mr. Clean would also be awesome if he ever did anything but stand their and make housewives swoon. Also anyone played by Samuel L Jackson. Pop on an eye patch and call him Nick Fury, a character who was changed to be bald just so Mr. Jackson could play him. Actually I think he was changed to be Samuel L. Jackson so that Samuel L. Jackson could play him.

See how I blatantly ignore the elephant in the room? I just don’t care about the racial issue. It’s fiction. They can do whatever they want.

Anyway, as you move down the list, the characters become not quite as badass, if not less iconic. Besides E.T, and numerous other aliens (which seem to mostly be either human, hairless or Wookies), you’ve got Homer Simpson, Elmer Fudd, Dr. Evil and the Bond villain he was ripped from, Lex Luthor, and Dr. Phil. This part of the list is mostly villains or idiots. Or sometimes, as in the case of Dr. Phil, it’s both.