While modern gaming webcomics may have been the catalyst for our desire to start a webcomic of our own, my love for comics actually goes back much further. Calvin and Hobbes was my first love. I didn’t read the Sunday Funnies when I was a kid, but I had a copy of “Attack of the Deranged Killer Mutant Snow Goons” that I could not put down. I have said a number of times that Calvin and Hobbes is the strip I would write, if I could.

So, when we found ourselves with a concept that fit naturally in that mold, we decided to play with it a little, for Bill Watterson. May he rest in peace. Except that he’s not dead. But he’s probably chilling somewhere. Despite his refusal to license his characters or run his strip into the ground like a certain heavy feline, Calvin and Hobbes is probably sufficiently popular to allow him to retire in relative comfort on book sales alone.

And who wouldn’t want that?