Yes, our cute little creature has a name, and it is Ellie. At least that is the name that Ryan gave her. Her true identity is still unknown, as is much else about her. For instance, we still don’t know where she came from, or if there are more creatures like her.

If you’ve read her cast page entry at any point, you may have noticed that it describes her as a “creature of no particular myth, because nobody really knows exactly what she is”. The point is that a mythological creature would have roots in some sort of culture. As in, there would be a myth to follow. Perhaps she does have one and we just don’t know what it is yet.

In conversation, we mostly refer to her as “The Dino”, but she’s not exactly that either. What we can say for sure is that she is a paragon of cuteness, but is not to be trifled with by any means. She also will attempt to eat pretty much anything. You can certainly expect to learn more about her in the future.

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EDIT: Minor issue with the comic has been fixed.