There’s always a danger working with electrical equipment when a creature of unknown origin is hanging about. Or a dog. Or a hamster. Or a human child. Pretty much anything with teeth can cause trouble. Of course, any of those things would be dead now, but our little friend is more resilient than most other creatures.

The post-trauma hair is a common expectation of an experiment gone wrong. It’s also a close approximation of what my hair would look like if I grew it really long and then brushed it out. It’s a nightmare. It’s not something I’d ever plan on doing on purpose.

Actually, looking at the comic again, Mike doesn’t have it so bad. He’s got more of a Doc Brown going on and not so much of a Shepherd Book “too much hair” episode. And he’s the one who is going to want to hide in a smuggler’s compartment until the hair goes away.

In fact you’ll see how Mike reacts to this minor disaster on Monday. It’s not going to be fixed as easily as you might think.