When will Pixar stop?! All the sequels and now prequels! We get that you want money, but AT WHAT COST?!

This is a discussion that if you start with me in person, will probably involve me hitting things angrily. I used to be a huge fan of Pixar, but now its just looks like its turned into MONEYMONEYMONEY. I’ve just become disappointed with how they do things now. This is a company that claimed to be all about the story and would NEVER make sequels unless it was about the necessary expanding of a universe. WHAT THE HELL WAS WITH CARS 2?! Now they’re releasing Planes this year, and I honestly do expect them to create Trains or even Boats. I mean where does it end? Finding Dory was also announced too. As if sequels weren’t enough, they’ve also gone down the road of rereleasing the original movies in theaters again with the 3D makeover as incentive to continue throwing money at them. And they STILL haven’t made the Incredibles sequel that the world ACTUALLY wants.

Anyway, Mike is still gone. So there’s that.