So before anyone mentions is, yes I know running a race would be considered competitive. However, it’s not competitive in the same manner as Tennis, Foosball, or Shotgun Dueling. There is a direct, human conflict aspect that is missing. The same could be said of any demonstration sport, like Gymnastics, Wushu, or Architecture. You are truly your own opponent, however philosophical and pretentious that might sound.

This discussion is not exactly coming from thin air. When I broached the topic of running as a hobby for Michelle, it was mentioned that her non-fictional namesake also runs, and has been using a zombie run app of some sort. Running being a fairly ubiquitous hobby, this coincidence is hardly surprising.

I’ve been running more myself lately. In years past, I was fairly serious about running, and had plans of running a marathon and everything. I gave up that quest when I decided to focus on martial arts and only run for cross training.

My recent running kick started in China when they made us run 20 laps around the track at the school. The Beijing air wasn’t the best for breathing heavily, but it still felt good to be at it again. Since I’ve been back in the States I’ve only been running short distances in the morning to go pick up breakfast and bring it back before work. Breakfast has amounted to Subway each time, as it is the only place that’s open so early, but it could be worse.

It could be McDonalds.