It is Monday, which means we have a new comic for you. While much of our fair country (America!) is busy setting off mostly controlled fires and explosions, our army of enslaved super intelligent field mice is hard at work keeping the Smashing Avatar website running to bring you the latest in targeted internet humor. They will continue to work tirelessly through the week to bring you another new comic on Thursday, so keep an eye out for that.

Having grown up in suburban New York, I was indoctrinated in the ways of American sports mania at a young age. As I grew, moved away, and moved again, I lost interest in the constant observation of statistics and box scores. I still maintain a fairly intricate knowledge base of the general rules of all sports involving balls which are thrown, kicked, or hit with other objects. Our artist knows little of such things, a point which is referenced in today’s strip.

I tried out the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta, among a not so exclusive club of Infamous 2 purchasers and PlayStation Plus subscribers. As I understand, the latter group includes anyone who activated the free month of premium service included with the Welcome Back package. Based on this information, I can only assume the entire world must be participating in the Beta.

My one recommendation is to forgo the use of 3D. While the environments are amazing in 3D, I find it harder to spot enemies moving with the effect turned on. The 3D currently cannot be shutoff during a round or in the Matchmaking Lobby, so you will need to exit both in order to disable it. My other major bone of contention with Uncharted 3 Multiplayer is that I suck at it. I have never been able to succeed to any particular extent at online multiplayer in a shooter. Perhaps if I derived greater enjoyment from the experience, I would find more time to practice.

With the extra time provided by the long weekend, I have been enjoying a smorgasbord of gaming delight. I spent some time in turn with Blaster Master, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Infamous 2, and Final Fantasy III, restarted anew on the Wii Virtual Console. Most importantly, I finally got out to see X-Men: The First Class. I’m a little behind on that one. I understand Ryan has seen it 4 times now. I enjoyed it just as much now as I would have a month ago. If you are wondering how much, I would say “a lot.” It is an excellent movie with intricacies beyond nearly all other comic book adaptations. Serious choices are made, new powers are premiered, and cool new uses for old powers are demonstrated. Magneto is particularly badass as a younger man. My only concern is really in the motivations of certain characters. I don’t want to spoil anything, but it seemed like the events of the movie should have pushed a few people to different paths than the ones chosen. It begs credulity at times. It also made me more sad than otherwise anticipated.