What else is Facebook really for? Can someone tell me? Spreading political and social commentary? Please. It’s for cyber stalking made easy.

I saw someone share a neat image with a demand for a return of Boba Fett in Star Wars: Episode VII. I know he was brought back from the stomach-acidy grave in the books because he is a fan favorite, but I really hope they leave him dead in the new movies, and eschew a lazy tie-in as in the prequels with his clone daddy.

My problem with Boba Fett is that he is a one dimensional villain. His only job is to look menacing and carry around a crap ton of weapons. He is interesting to read about because of the added depth of an internal monologue, but on screen he just chases the good guys and blows stuff up.

Stalking and explosions are fun of course, but they can’t create a new character to do fill that void? That would be like if Lucas revived Grand Moff Tarkin in Empire Strikes Back because he couldn’t invent a new imperial officer to act haughty and make idle threats. Lazy writing, that’s what that is.