Usually it’s considered good practice to wait until sometime in the New Year, or at least a few days after Christmas, before attempting a return. These days people include gift receipts, or we might have done a comic about the awkward situation that arises when you must accost a gift’s giver to obtain the original receipt.

In case one of my family members gets the wrong idea, I didn’t receive any duplicates this year, but I have in years past. I think it was two copies of one of the Gamecube Rogue Squadron games. Everyone knows I love Star Wars. And if you didn’t, you are now duly informed.

With new video games it is usually a simple matter to execute an even exchange. Values are usually fairly equivalent, unless it’s an older discount game. Clothes are another matter entirely.

Such everyday use gifts, however, hold some value in duplicate. Unless it’s an issue of size, you’d really be insulting your friend or family member by requesting a receipt. Maybe that’s the comic we should have done.

Oh well, there’s always next year.

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