I did eventually make it down to Comic Con for one day. Still, for two long days I suffered while Ryan sent image after image displaying his exciting encounters. It was truly painful at the time.

A single day more than made up for it.

The first booth we approached turned out to be something of a disappointment. Not only did they run out of Star Wars: Kinect posters right before our turns to play came around, but the motion controls at hand didn’t translate into fun gameplay for me either. They’ll need to do a bit more work to impress me, but the potential is there. I won’t call it yet.

The (Avatar:) The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra panel heralded the return of the series to more fans than I would have dared imagine. The trailer promised another epic story and ended with tumultuous applause which almost entirely covered up an unexpected very short final scene. I’m told there was still a clamor the second time they showed the trailer, followed quickly by widespread shushing. They did not have to convince me to be excited about another Avatar series, regardless of their decision to kowtow to popular confusion in the selection of a name.

We sat through several other panels in order to obtain prime seating for Avatar, including a fantastic Cartoon Voices panel which included the voices to some very famous characters. Rob Paulson, the voice of Yakko Warner in Animaniacs, left me in a state of awe. Tara Strong, voice of Powerpuff Girl Bubbles, was just adorable. I also heard half of the Ninja Turtles, Mary Jane Watson, both Captain Slag and Rusty Pete, Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living, and a hysterical rendition of Snow White featuring ever changing character voices put forth by the entire panel. This is the type of experience one cannot have outside of Comic Con.

As the comic indicates, a major goal of mine was to swing by both Penny Arcade and PvP related booths and panels. I seized the opportunity, and a more significant quantity of merchandise than for which I had planned. I am not much for the spoken word, but I managed a greeting and some basic statements of praise. I also followed the precedent of my friends by requesting my photographs be taken with these legends, something I would have normally forgone without a thought. If you have yet to read their works then you should take the earliest opportunity to do so. Beware, however. You may lose yourself in the unbound depths of those archives.

Certainly don’t forget to come back here for another Smashing Avatar comic on Thursday.