E3 is just getting started and already there is so much to process. Ubisoft and Microsoft have made their presentations and the flood of information is already overwhelming. I haven’t had much chance to process it all. Based on a quick overview, I don’t see anything surprising from the Xbox One side of things. At least nothing that would push me to go out and get one over a PS4. You can boil the choice down to the same handful of first party exclusives that come up every year. If you like Killzone you go with Sony, or else

There was something about Mega Man games coming to Wii U that caught my attention, but only in that it made me hope that a few other third parties would hop on board, and dream that Nintendo would eventually get around to a cross-platform Virtual Console. The former aspiration seems closer to a potential reality. In particular I’m hoping for some Sega games on the Wii U Virtual Console. I bought quite a few of them on Wii Virtual Console, and I’m totally up for paying a couple of bucks to play Sonic Spinball on the Wii U without the TV screen.

The Sony presentation is still a few hours out, and Nintendo not up until tomorrow. Those two being my most anticipated events, I should have much more to say on Thursday. See you then.