There are dozens of commonly used ways to put someone in the Friend Zone. If you haven’t heard at least a couple, you must be both irresistible and completely deaf. In today’s comic, Michelle and Ryan covered a few of the better lines. They also use the term as a noun and verb, which I think is appropriate. If it were an adjective, it would probably mean something like “terrible” or “soul-crushing”. It would never be a preposition, because those are dumb.

This is the end of this little story arc. It is also where we will leave the character relationships for a little while. As I said in the last comic’s blog post, there were some questions that I wanted to answer, and now I have done that. In particular, the relationship between Ryan and Michelle, who have spent some time together in quite a few strips. Friend Zoned. Problem solved.

It wasn’t our goal when we set out to do a lot of relationship humor, but I think it’s better than a few of the early strips about video games nobody played. Of course, it still doesn’t beat a good dick joke, but then not much does.

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