We have a short ways to go on this one. I wouldn’t call it a story arc exactly. It’s more of a series of comics that are related by basic continuity. There is a cause and effect relationship between the comics, but I don’t think it’s been immediately obvious how it would play out.

Some of the events in this story were scripted in response to comments that were made below. So, if you want to feel special, you should go down there and tell us your wildest thoughts. I’m not saying that there was any attempt to cater to or oppose the views of vocal readers. That’s not the case at all. The most succinct way I can put it is that we are explicitly addressing certain points about which I think many people were making assumptions.

Of course I want you to continue to make assumptions and guesses, and comment about them, even if we won’t address them right away. It makes the characters a lot more fun and interesting, and helps us decide in what ways we need to develop them more.

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