Contest Update: It took a little while, but Smashing Avatar Facebook friend Judy figured it out! The Easter Egg was Ellie’s first word bubble, “♥♪!?”. This was Geno’s real, unpronounceable name from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. We’re sure to do more contests like this, so if you’re not Judy and you didn’t win, as is the case with most of you, keep a sharp eye out and hone your useless knowledge base.

Firstly, I want to ask you to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages. We are currently running a contest for followers and fans for the chance to appear in a Smashing Avatar strip and live forever in ink (and technicolor). All you have to do is guess the Easter Egg found in this strip starring our lovable Dino, Ellie, and be the first one to tell us what it is. You can enter in the comments below or using the posts on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

On to the comic. So, I don’t talk about this particular hobby in much detail in this blog, but I think this is a reasonable opportunity to talk about martial arts, which have really only made a few passing cameo appearances in the comic.

When I was practicing Chinese Martial Arts back in Boston, World Tai Chi Day was one of our major demonstration events. What made this demo special was that it was the only one that took place within Boston proper, in a “park” outside Chinatown. Not a real park, mind you, but more like a paved area in which they planted a few small trees.

There’s something about a concrete jungle that is either extremely spiritually connected (Think of all those people) or extremely distant (Nature? What’s nature?) depending on how you look at it.

But the weirdest part about doing martial arts in the middle of city is that strange people will tend to wander into the middle of the performance at random, as though they have no idea that people are crowded around for a specific reason. Small children will also tend to creep up on the performance area, which is a real problem when spears are swinging around at high speed. I definitely almost took out several small children in one shot at a certain demo which will not be named.