It’s always difficult finding a good opponent.

Hey all! Ryan here! Hope your weekend was fun! I’ve been playing a lot of games so I can whittle down my constantly growing stack of digital entertainment.

Most recently, I’ve been rocking out with Rocksmith 2014. ┬áIt’s a really fun game and great to learn if you have absolutely no guitar experience. I’ve been taking lessons for bass guitar and, I hate to say it, but it feels like the game is counteracting my learning from my teacher. It has some useful lessons, but in terms of learning songs its just like Guitar Hero with notes with colors that you need to time to play the note, except you’re playing with a real instrument. It’s a fun way of playing songs, but its mainly teaching you to memorize when to hit notes, as opposed to teaching you what that notes actually are and why you’re playing them.

Handheld-wise, I just finished The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Now that is a great Zelda game. Its the sequel to Link to the Past and its a picture perfect duplicate of the world map. Its also gorgeous and the music is amazing. If you’re going to play that game, PLEASE play with headphones. It makes it so much better.