I’m not above celebrating a milestone, if it lets us do something flashy. You might also remember previous displays of scientific experimentation. It’s a thing.

Christmas came early this weekend, as Nintendo gave a fairly extensive presentation on its Wii U sytem. They introduced their “Pro” controller, which is exactly what hardcore gamers want.

Gamers will of course commence with complaining about how it’s not original and Nintendo is just jumping on the bandwagon. I’m not much for whining about bandwagons and hopping on thereof. Every time Nintendo does something original, gamers will complain that it doesn’t cater exactly to their needs, and every time Nintendo makes something intended for typical hardcore gamers, they’ll bitch about it having been done many times before.

The presentation showed some key differences between last year’s prototype and the finished system, but not a lot of actual gameplay. I expect we’ll see that at Tuesday’s keynote. I’m hoping for some more information on the Nintendo Network, but I’m not holding my breath either. Online networks don’t make for riveting presentation.