I am back, but jet-lagged beyond belief. Before I go off on a tangent about how (time) travel can destroy your mind, I should tell you that the method of ordering described in the comic is actually the only effective method at an unfamiliar restaurant. Even knowing the basics of ordering doesn’t help when the dish names are unfamiliar and often use characters that are hardly straight forward. I know the basic types of meat, but that will only get you so far.

Some places didn’t have English names or even pictures of the food, so even the basic pointing method wouldn’t work. Luckily I had the company of fluent speakers to help almost every time I left the school. I left my fate in their hands, and was not disappointed in the result.

So somehow taking off at 9PM Beijing time, getting a tiny bit of fitful sleep on the flight, and landing at 6PM Los Angeles time, destroys the very fabric of the universe. Mostly because by the time I got back and settled in, I was supposed to be going to sleep but my mind said the day should just be starting. Then by the time the sun rose and I had to start work my internal Chinese clock said it was about time to crash.

I’m not even sure how much I’ve actually slept in the last 48 hours or if it’s even been that long since I last enjoyed a normal night. The longer I try to write this blog post the more I am unsure what day it even is. As I calculate it, in the time zone to which I am accustomed, Tuesday morning is coming in about 3-4 hours. Oh joy.