Smashing Avatar is a gaming and geek culture webcomic written by Michael Karell and illustrated by Ryan Huertas. It began publishing to the Internet in June of 2011 and has continued to update every Monday and Thursday since then without interruption.

Smashing Avatar’s tapestry is not limited to geek interests, however. The rich cast of characters engage in all manner of outrageous behavior, from adopting bear cubs to setting household objects on fire. These being normal activities for geeks and non-geeks alike.

After 1 year and over 100 strips, Smashing Avatar has launched a new website design, with a brand new logo and numerous enhanced features. In the upcoming year, it will launch an Internet Store, selling merchandise with hilarious designs based on the humor of the Smashing Avatar universe. It will also add a new Concept Art section to bring additional free content to its readership.

It is important to the staff of Smashing Avatar to hear from its readers. Feedback is welcome via Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. You can also use the Contact Page on the website or the Comments section below each post.

The webcomic business is highly competitive with many comics from which to choose. Smashing Avatar remains dedicated to standing out with the best quality art and humor in every strip.

That being said, it is not strictly necessary to start at the beginning. Here are some samples of the staff’s favorite strips to get you started.

Writer’s Favorite Strips:

Artist’s Favorite Strips:

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