Things are about to get awkward at Bowser’s family reunions.

I’ve known about the Koopalings ever since I was a child playing Super Mario Bros 3, so the second I heard about a rapper named “Iggy”, a Gangsta Koopaling was the first thing to pop into my head. Once I found out who Iggy Azalea actually was, this was the second thing to pop into my head.

I hope everyone’s been doing well! I’ve been busy with work and writing more new stuff and I’m excited to show all of you eventually.

Gaming-wise, I’ve been playing Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn again, and I love it. This time I’m running a Dragoon and finding that I’m actually able to survive more often than when I was playing a Black Mage. There have been a few updates and I’m having a lot more fun with it. If anyone else still plays, I’m on Ultros server!

Lastly, Comic Con is next week! I hope y’all are excited! I’m actually opting to sit out again this year. Its not that SDCC isn’t cool, its just that its always soooo crowded and soooo busy. Since I’m now living in Washington, its difficult to justify paying for the vacation, without having the ability to relax.

Funny enough though, I’ll be in California that weekend anyway! Actually one of the fun things I’ll be doing is that I’ll be guest starring on Anthony‘s Thirsty Games! Its an awesome Twitch series about playing various video games with drinking rules! So if you’re available Saturday the 26th at 5pm, tune in!