That goddamn ape drives a man to some pretty aggressive moments.

I FINALLY beat Donkey Kong Country Returns just in time for Animal Crossing. Normally the game wouldn’t have been too difficult but I HAD to at least collect all the KONG letters. Eff hunting down all those puzzle pieces though. Screw that noise. If the comic wasn’t clear enough, I beat it for the 3DS version, which I heard was made easier. I can only imagine the HELL the Wii version owners had to go though for that.

Animal Crossing New Leaf is HERE (tomorrow) and I’m FLIPPIN’ PSYCHED. I played it for the original Gamecube AND for the DS so I couldn’t be more excited to pick up the 3DS version to pay of my debt to a possible-mafioso Raccoon. The game is just so simple and easy going that its just fun to pick up and play. Also, there’s a bunch of cute animal-people that you can interact with if you love cutesy stuff. I’m personally a big fan of K.K. Slider, hit music sensation from (insert your town name here). I’m mainly excited to see what you can do in terms of real people interaction. With the 3DS connected to the internet and with the friend-code shenanigans, I can only assume you’ll be able to have more interaction than before. “Interaction” to me meaning “riddle your friend’s towns with pitfalls where they least expect it”.

-Ry Guy