Hey Everyone! Welcome to Silent Outbursts!

Ryan here! You probably also know me as the illustrator of Smashing Avatar and I’d like to thank you for checking out this new webcomic and for reading this blog!

Here, you’d be able to find (hopefully) funny comics that don’t exactly fit into Smashing Avatar’s canon and that I just find amusing to make. These strips are pretty much all one-shots and revolving around geeky-pop-internet-gaming culture! Yes, another one of THOSE comics. Silent Outbursts will be updating whenever I deem it necessary for now until I can get a more constant schedule to create these strips, butĀ if you’d like “twice-weekly awesomeness” PLEASE check out Smashing Avatar, because those stories are teh epic!

And now on to the comic!

This is an old comic that I created during the summer of Disney’s California Adventure relaunch (also why the text is different that the more recent strips). The Trolly was a new attraction they created but had no means of regulating its safety. These “authentic” trolleys had to be escorted with a Cast Member “shooing” people away from its path. Nowadays, they’ve fixed it and this feature has been removed, the person that is, and the trolley is free to roam.