We had a different comic queued up for today, but I finished X-Men Destiny over the weekend and decided there must be a comic hidden somewhere within it. I’m referring to an idea for a Smashing Avatar strip, not the numerous comic story arcs that were glued together to make the latest X-Men game. Anyway, we found this strip, and have distilled it into its three panel jpeg form for your amusement.

I mentioned last time that Destiny is somewhat lacking in variety of gameplay. Since then I’ve noticed the terms repetitive and button mashing thrown around at various blogs. Honestly this is not my biggest complaint about the game. The most glaring problem is the writing. It is frequently terrible. Occasionally bad voice acting exacerbates the situation. Gambits voice shifts between Cajun and Jamaican. My choice of heroine, the young Japanese girl Aimie, sounds nothing like a Japanese girl. The few times she tosses out Japanese words I would almost consider offensive. The way this brand new mutant is vaulted into the center of attention is somewhat ridiculous as well, but then it’s not relatively normal for a comic book franchise.

I’m in San Francisco for a conference this week. I brought my 3DS, so it will have to hold me over for the time being. My phone charger cable somehow did not make it into the bag. I feel incredibly lost with my phone dead. I can’t find anything. How did I eat before my iPhone? Luckily there is an Apple Store right next to the convention center downtown. I will survive.