This concludes our presentation of “Magic the Gathering, A Card Game”. If you are unsure what “8/8” means, it is a huge scary creature. I had hoped that would be clear based on the fake name Mike gives it. There is a real card with that power and ability, but I was trying to avoid listing out actual cards.

Whether or not this will lead to further exploration into deck building on my part is unclear. I’d prefer to spend my leisure time exploring new games, and starting with Borderlands 2 , there will be no shortage of those.

It might be easy to look at Borderlands 2 and see it as more of the same, but that would fail to do justice to the very important little things. The most important thing they promised, the mini-map, is extremely useful. Constantly opening the menu to check objective locations was very tiring in the original Borderlands. Other little things, like automatically looting ammo and gold, make life easier as well. Blizzard added that in Diablo 3 as well. It’s not some genius design improvement. There was no excuse for leaving such functionality out in the first place.

It’s not that I’ve become lazy in my old age. Pressing a button to pick up an item isn’t normal for any games. If you think back to the old days with games like Zelda, Ninja Gaiden, Contra, NARC, and pretty much every other game, you were never required to take action to pick up an item further than walking over it. With weapons, the added button press makes sense, because the limited inventory and variety of types gives a reason to not pick up every weapon in sight. But with ammo or money, there is no time when you wouldn’t want to pick up as much of it as possible.

Having to mash the action button to pick up items is just busy work, and I don’t need that in my games. It distracts me from shooting bad guys in the face.