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The topic du jour is the announcement of an impending plus sized 3DS system, dubbed the 3DS XL, as any sane person would have assumed. The media outlets seemed somewhat surprised that the news came so soon after E3, but I think most everyone was expecting it soon anyway.

The general sphere of gamers all appear to be voicing the same complaint. Where is the second Circle Pad, deemed important enough that they released a $20 peripheral to provide that functionality? The answer is that said peripheral makes the system somewhat unwieldy, but works well enough, and is used in few enough games that they would not risk angering the larger portion of their customer base with a major functional change.

The larger hardware will impact portability as much as the Circle Pad Pro does. As with the DSi XL, it is approaching the size of a tablet. Far outside the “keep in your pocket” range and almost attaining “not really a handheld” status. It will be a wonder if they release a Circle Pad Pro XL attachment, as the aggregate device would be “not a small moon, but potentially a battle-station”.

The plain fact is, nobody was going to be happy because a preponderance of observers feel that Nintendo should have included the second Circle Pad in the original device. Most gamers will never be happy with anything. Nintendo will give us Zelda and someone will hate it and demand Earthbound. They will unleash Earthbound and people will wonder what the hell that is and where the new Metroid is.

It is a game Nintendo cannot win, but not one they in which victory is necessary. Their handheld will still sell like hotcakes (Whatever those are, they sell fast), due to their excellent games. They will make a pile of money, build a fort out of it, and flip off the world from inside. The end.