Sleep deprivation is a strange thing. I wouldn’t say it makes me hallucinate. Not as of yet anyway. About all I have is a twitch in my left eye. Also, now that I have to stay up for work, I feel an incredible longing for my bed in the other room.

All of that has nothing to do with today’s comic, which was brought about by imaginings of possible uses for life sized Nintendo 3DS AR Cards. These things do exist. A few reside in the Nintendo World Store in New York City, and I had a grand old time running link around the store and making him assault customers. Another, almost too large, card was placed outside of E3 on its final day. A gaggle of 3DS carrying geeks threw all caution and pretense to the wind as they struggled to make it work on such a large scale. I gave up and sat around to enjoy the show and collect a good 30 more Street Passes on the day. I also began to consider more insidious possibilities.

We are in the midst of the standard mid-summer video game drought, but there are a few little sprinklings coming up. BloodRayne: Betrayal might actually be the game I most want to play for the rest of the year. A side scrolling brawler in a Castlevania motif? Yes please. Of course, much of my time will still be given over to making the rounds of my backlog of games, reading A Song of Ice and Fire (the second book of which I am steaming through at a breakneck pace), and grinding through levels in Dark Age of Camelot in the age old quest to become a viable competitor in PvP. Suffice to say, I have shit to do.

Oh. San Diego Comic Con is this weekend. There is that too.