It has become a Halloween ritual for us to decide on appropriate costumes for each character by throwing ideas back and forth names of candidates over the course of several hours.

Traditionally, Amy is the most difficult to decide upon. The list of costumes that would both suit her appearance, and reasonably make sense for her personality, is rather short. We dug deep this time and came up with something incredible.

This comic ritual is almost as important as the one of devouring more candy than any human being should in the period of a few days. I have the whole thing under a great deal more control than I did in my childhood, when the night of Halloween would see me sitting at home admiring a stack of candy large enough to feed a full grown bear for several years…and then eating that entire stack of candy later that night.

Now I just buy one bag that I pretend will be handed to the children that never come to your door when you live in an apartment building…and then eat the entire bag of candy later that night.

But one year in particular, Trick or Treating with my sister and her friend, I pulled in a massive haul. This was mostly thanks to my sister’s friend. Upon arriving at a house that had a bowl of candy sitting on their stoop, she said “This is how we do it in my neighborhood”, and dumped the entire bowl of candy into my bag.

And then we ran.

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