My niece is a little angel, and at just over a year old, she really did love her giant plush Kirby. Big, round and cuddly sells well at that age. I actually think it will work for several more years to come, but at some point its currency will run out. I pray that she never demands Barbie Dolls, because I could not in good conscience provide those. I might as well get her Dead or Alive: Beach Volleyball with its individual breast jiggling physics. Indeed, girls with impossible bodies are a staple of American culture. At my distance, I am uncertain that I can protect her from the effects of its corruption. We’ll have to see how well her mother does. Are you reading this, dear sister? Tread with care. It might be a while longer before mythical beasts make it on my shopping list.

I returned to Zelda this week and got through a healthy chunk of Skyward Sword. Though it has been a while since its release, there has been an abundance of games to play and I am but one man. I half downloaded the GBA Ambassador games for the 3DS as well. I’m certain Fire Emblem, Wario, and Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap will occupy me through much of my pilgrimage home for Christmas. The download process seemed a bit easier this time. I think it loaded the main menu after each game downloaded before, but I can’t be entirely certain.

The set of games provided is of the highest caliber, though I don’t understand the reasoning behind the Mario Kart offering. They just released a new game in that series for the 3DS, and it is graphically superior and contains many tracks from throughout the history of Mario Kart as well as new features. It also has multiplayer capabilities which are impossible on the emulation. I suppose there are people possessing 3DS systems who may have yet to purchase Mario Kart 7. I can’t imagine that they plan on playing any Mario Kart at all.