There people who actively try to dress and act like witches for a variety of reasons. I find that very strange, but would never begrudge their lifestyle choice. Some people simply have a natural witch-like appearance. The movie “The Witches” has made me fearful of such people. One never knows when they might peel their mask off and reveal their true hideous form.

I tried to play the original Metroid on NES before. I have friends who claim they can beat the game in their sleep but, having never owned it as a child, I had no clue what to do. With modern games, we have grown accustomed to being prodded in the correct direction, usually having mini-maps, level maps, and even objective markers and radar at our fingertips. We forget that, in the old days, games were much less forgiving.

I have started playing Metroid again on my 3DS. It is one of the few games on Nintendo’s Ambassador Program that I have interest in and have yet to beat over and over again. To start the NES games in general look decent on the 3DS screen. It loses about half an inch on each side due to the original screen aspect ratio being narrower. The main discomfort I have is with the start and select buttons. They are much less prominent on the 3DS than they were on the original NES controller, and in some games they play semi-important roles. For instance in Metroid, where select switches to missiles, I fumble for the button on the 3DS. To top it off, I had to Google Search, “How to shoot missiles in Metroid NES”, because it doesn’t tell you.

The beginning of Metroid was very easy enough though. The morph ball is provided in a trivial platforming puzzle and the map has only one passable direction from there. Shortly thereafter, the map branches out quite a bit. Several times I followed a corridor to its end only to discover that my path was blocked and passage required an item which I did not possess. They were not short corridors either. They were long and blocked by tough monsters. I had to explore each of these areas several times before I decided that I truly had no clue where to go.

Have my skills become rusty? Am I soft and weak from years of being spoon fed objectives and puzzle solutions? Probably, but I’m still going to try again today. At least once or twice before I use my undiminished internet abilities to search out a game map.