You might recognize the police officer who featured chiefly in this comic from the story arc which introduced Mike’s wonderful and unpredictable friend Amy. He’s not a great cop. Or even a half good one. But that’s why we love him. The mustache is also pretty awesome. We’re talking Magnum P.I. levels of stache-ness.

The Matrix and Equilibrium both combined gun-play, martial arts and long black coats to excellent effect. The fact that a style that attempts to even mimic them might exist in the real world appeals to the inner child, who still wants to run around shooting things by pointing my finger at them. As an adult, I don’t feel a particular need to be able to fight dozens of opponents by shooting them repeatedly with pistols, but then my child self wants to kick my adult self in the nuts.

See you Thursday, with another new comic. It is our gift to you. Try to act surprised.