You should know that we thought long and hard about the name for this comic. Intense decision making occurred over a long period of time, after which we felt satisfied yet apprehensive. At this point I think our body of work speaks strongly enough for itself that any semi-memorable name would have been sufficient. I am aware that a Smashing Avatar Expo (something I am by no means suggesting lies in the future) would have a similarly discomfiting result in terms of acronyms. SAX or COX? Which would you prefer? Don’t answer that.

PAX Prime took its place in Seattle this weekend and was everything we have come to expect from the Gaming Convention. There were numerous moments of significant import, but between it being nearly midnight with a days drive back to Los Angeles ahead, and desire to save some material for imminent comic needs, I am forced to hold back their discussion. I can say that the concerts and panels were well worth the hours we spent waiting for them and that we were impressed by a number of game demonstrations. Specifically we liked Borderlands 2 and X-Men Destiny in terms of larger titles. BloodRayne: Betrayal and Dungeon Defenders caught our attention as far as Indy titles are concerned. I will endeavor to write more details on each of those in the next few weeks.

If you have yet to experience PAX, you are running out of excuses. With a show on each coast, travel to one or the other should be completely reasonable for the majority of the United States. You have plenty of time to plan for PAX East or PAX Prime next year.