I know that I am really late to the game, but today I finally finished Batman: Arkham City. It was among a stack of incomplete games on my shelf, right above Spider-man Shattered Dimensions, and has been continuously pre-empted by a stream of 3DS games.

The fact is, I couldn’t be bothered to select a game from my shelf to play, due to the combined overwhelming number of choices, the effort required to get up to get said games, and the feeling of finality you get when putting a game into the disc drive. You have committed yourself to beating that game, because removing it from the drive would be admitting defeat.

I think Skyrim might still be in my disc drive. I’ll probably cycle through my digital games some more though. Fire Emblem has been top on my menu lately, but the infuriating feeling associated with permanently losing a dear friend and comrade, and resulting in a system restart to get them back, has led to long gaps between playing sessions.