I only just wrote my last blog yesterday, and I truly apologize that it was so late, but it also leaves me somewhat vexed as to what to discuss as a topic today.   Little has happened between then and now that would merit discussion. It makes me wonder about the sort of people who might write a daily blog.  What do they <em>do</em>?

I have been looking at PS Vita prices as a result of a conversation with a reader in the comments.  The idea of using it for remote play of PS4 is appealing, and I do have a vast quantity of PS+ titles at my disposal.  I only wish Final Fantasy X/X2 HD remaster had been cross-buy.  It would have been fun to drag it around places  and still have the same save file on my PS3, but $80 for both copies together is just silly.

Normally I would prefer to buy a system new to ensure that it is in pristine condition, but for a $50 price difference, 1/4 the price of the new system, I am strongly considering going with a used system.