I’m not going to endorse the use of cheats in any way, but there is a certain code involved if you do. You do not pay for cheats. Whether the game developers themselves are providing a super-powered download to help you through the game, or some website is selling the codes for a premium subscription. You are in essence paying to see content for which you have already payed. The one exception is physical strategy guides which have cool artwork. I am not even going to address the type of villainy involved in the other half of this topic. The villainy involved in that should be obvious.

I’m still knee deep in my open world adventures in Skyrim, though certainly at a slower pace than my colleagues, having other priorities in my life. It is not my fault that Nintendo decided to release two major titles, one a week after the other. Nearly as soon as Mario was behind me, Zelda showed up and demanded my complete attention. Zelda is my absolute favorite franchise. There is no greater task to me, than rescuing the princess and banishing the forces of evil. It’s just how I was raised.

In the new adventure, Skyward Sword, the princess is more alive than ever. In recent games she has tended to be the headstrong and pushy type, but here there is so much more. There is actually a dynamic relationship between her and the silent hero.