I’d like to act the man’s man and say that I don’t need such things as massages, but they really do help on occasion. Especially when that occasion is after a day chained to a computer desk. You can probably guess my other views on the subject based on the characters in the comic, or one character in particular. What’s the point of relaxation if you’re not comfortable?

We still have a few weeks left until the Fall season. I’m talking about video games here, but if you still attend school and are dreading the annual “Back to School” times, I feel for you. Except that I don’t, because I’ve been working all Summer, and you’ve been lounging about eating burritos and watching bad daytime television. Either way, Borderlands 2 is the main target in my radar, and you might feel the same way.

I went back and re-acclimated myself to Borderlands over the weekend. I never did finish the second DLC. I still haven’t. I ended up spending most of my time shooting zombies in the face.

Which brings me to my next topic, The Walking Dead. Not the television show, but the episodic video game by Telltale. Two episodes of the game are already out, with Episode 3 due out any day now. If you like The Walking Dead, or zombies in general, I highly recommend this game. It follows an entirely separate story, so knowledge of the TV show is not strictly necessary, but I recommend both anyway.

I personally think the protagonist in The Walking Dead video game is more compelling that his television counterpart. Or maybe it really comes down to the little girl he is trying to protect. She is way cooler and more adorable than Sheriff Rick Grimes’ son. I feel driven to do anything to ensure her safety. Anything.