Who knows what a man will see when he is lost in the woods, cold, and alone? Or what he’ll do? You’ll find out soon. We have somewhere between two,three, and ten of these left to go.

So SOPA is dead, but it will certainly rise up again soon enough. With moneyed interests lining up both sides, one can only hope they don’t find some compromise that screws over the little guys almost as badly as SOPA or PIPA would have. The important point is, they will be back, and we had better be prepared for their return.

Of course, the Megaupload shutdown shows that the government still has the clout to kill a website should it decide to do so. It’s always difficult to say what actually happened, and even what is legal or not. I think the major sticking point is that Megaupload was purportedly giving users incentives to upload copyrighted files. That seems pretty shady, and the fact that the owns the site is apparently a huge dick doesn’t help their case in my head.

It’s definitely an uncertain time for file sharing websites in general until Megaupload gets its day in court.