Normally people spend New Years coming up with resolutions to improve their lives. They resolve to go to the gym more, to travel, to eat more healthily, to pick up a new musical instrument, or masturbate less than four times a day. I don’t make resolutions.

I already do at least half of those things, and the others I am totally okay with living without. What I can tell you is that there are certain things that we at Smashing Avatar will definitely be doing next year. Important things that merit a list format, but few enough that I’m not sure whether or not I will end up numbering them.

PAX Prime

We haven’t attended a PAX in a few years, and now that Ryan is going to be living in close proximity to the home location of the world’s greatest convention, and relatively free on weekends, we will definitely be there in 2014.

If you’re considering going, you probably want to closely follow the official PAX Twitter like I plan to do. Also be ready to take a vacation day to stare at your computer screen while you wait for the registration to open. Those tickets go fast.

San Diego Comic Con

There’s always something to new to see at this convention. If you get tired of wandering the exhibit floor and schmoozing with artists and creators, you can just plop in a corner and watch the ridiculous Cosplayers parade past. My plan is to keep this to a short weekend trip. But Ryan missed this one last year and might have designs on soaking up as much of its splendor as possible. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Next Generation Consoles

I guess you could consider this one satisfied already this year, because both Ryan and I possess Wii Us and have been enjoying the spoils of Nintendo’s new offering. But I’m really talking about a PS4. I already got Assassin’s Creed for it for Christmas, and I definitely going to get that started in the first half of 2014, before Watch Dogs, The Order 1886, Destiny, and Infamous: Second Son drop.

Sure, half of those games are also available for Xbox One, but I’m not entirely sure that I want that thing in my house. The only real selling point for it is Dead Rising, because my girlfriend wants to kill some zombies. And what baby wants, baby gets. Especially when it involves zombies.