You might notice that we flew to PAX in the previous comic and in this one we are driving home. This is not revisionist history for the sake of a cool story. We actually got a car in Seattle and drove it to Los Angeles for reasons I am really not going to get into here. The point is that events occurred and we made a comic about them.

I finished both Deus Ex and the latest Game of Thrones related novel in the same day and it left a gaping hole in my life. I have partially filled said vacancy with a little BloodRayne but, despite the beauty and elegance of the vampire slashing, it is not quite sufficient. It is not a game with a compelling narrative, nor did I expect it to have one. It does have the requisite smooth controls and brutal hacking and slashing. If there is a true flaw in the game, it is that it is simply too difficult. I find myself dying an embarrassingly large number of times and every single level I receive the worst possible rating. It is disheartening, but I fully appreciate that it is my fault for not being better at the game. I want to try harder.

The second half of my plan involves reading a new series while I wait for Mr. Martin to write another book. I have yet to actually read his Dance of Dragons but, as it will not answer any of my questions as to what happens after Feast for Crows, I plan to wait for the next one to be imminent before starting it. I just can’t deal with more cliffhangers. I have Hunger Games on my coffee table. As a teen novel it will be an easier read, but the basis for the story intrigues me.