There is a ton of shit to do when preparing for a Thanksgiving feast. I can’t quite imagine the torment of actually having to kill your food first. It’s bad enough having to wrestle a cougar to procure groceries. The vicious man-eating kind, not the mountain cat. I don’t think I could actually handle an undead situation, though I suppose at some point that would make the whole feasting plan a bit less of a priority.

I have been dividing my time between Skyward Sword and Uncharted, but there hardly seems enough for either. Uncharted’s cinematic roller coaster ride keeps drawing me further and further, unrelenting in its pull. I had to forcibly pull myself away from the game at two in the morning, knowing full well that I would have to start the damn turkey process bright and early. Actually, 2AM is right now, and my brain is fried, so I’ll continue this tomorrow. For now you can enjoy your comic, dutifully make available by Smashing Avatar Incorporated. That’s us.

Happy Thanksgiving.