And so ends this short storyline, which actually spanned a good 7 comics. We were surprised as much as anyone else. If you missed the start of the story, you can see it here, or use this tag to which all of these comics belong. The current plan is to run another story arc in March that will tie into this one in a few ways. Until then continuity is our bitch, and we will do whatever we want with it.

It used to be that Square-Enix did not make direct sequels to their Final Fantasy franchise. The Dragon Quest games were often related somehow, but each Final Fantasy took place in a distinct world, with its own self-contained story. But then I think they decided that they really like money a lot. Each of the last three major releases has seen a direct sequel now, and Final Fantasy VII had a slew of related games released in addition to the movie (To be fair, that was amazing).

It’s not entirely Square-Enix’s fault. Final Fantasy fans are constantly clamoring to revisit these worlds. Any article regarding Final Fantasy VII generally has several comments demanding it be remade with modern graphics or given a direct sequel (Dirge of Cerberus doesn’t count). They are easy targets.

It’s difficult to say if this really applies to the most recent sequel release with XIII-2. It was not exactly well received by fans or critics. I personally enjoyed it, but I can’t deny that much of the criticism leveled on it has merit. I haven’t played enough to see if they addressed those complaints in XIII-2, but so far the story has me intrigued. Time travel and paradoxes can be silly subject matter, but after a weird initial scene, the story turned strangely compelling. Lightning’s outfit still looks ridiculous though. That I can’t get over.