Kotaku is taking nominations for the replacement entry for Rooster Teeth in its Sunday comics feature. I think this goes without saying, but we are completely on board with any opportunity to get more people to see our work. We created this strip on the off chance that anyone should accuse Smashing Avatar of not being a “Gaming Related” comic. It hasn’t happened yet, but we like to be prepared.

I’ve made it quite clear that I have no love for video game film adaptations. That being said, it is nice to hear that the new director on the Uncharted movie at least seems to actually have an appreciation for the game. It gives a better chance of not sucking anyway. Part of me says that the game is already so movie-like that it is sad to take control of Nathan Drake out of our hands. Another part of me says that a chance of more Uncharted can never be a bad thing. A third part of me really wants a good cheeseburger.

Facebook’s new up-to-the-minute feed apparatus makes the bold assumption that people actually like the original News Feed. Sure some people do, but does that mean it is good for the world? I am uncertain. The new subscriptions feature is a helpful way to limit the feed contents to specific types of updates from specific friends. In the prior era, the only choice was whether or not to completely ignore one of them.