Ryan and I both watched Sword Art Online recently, and we both got about halfway through and were so uncomfortable with the events of the story that we had to stop watching.

It’s odd that people dying real deaths in a virtual world didn’t bother us, but the threats of rape and incest (separately) being included in the plot were too much.

Maybe that wasn’t the only thing. There were quite a lot more fairies and fewer swords in the second half of the season. Thankfully Kirito kicks plenty of ass with his sword(s) in the end, and the aforementioned uncomfortable parts are handled pretty well.

Season 2 was scheduled to start this month, and it looks like they delivered. Due to some sort of licensing restriction, you can’t watch it on Crunchyroll yet unless you sign up for a paid account, but it says it will be available in one more day, so just be patient.

You’ll have it soon.