When panic sets in, it’s better that cooler heads prevail. But at what cost? At what cost, sir? Find out on Monday, when our exciting story concludes.

I started playing Cave Story 3D, because I couldn’t play Kid Icarus: Uprising due to a massive shortage of Circle Pad Pros. I had heard good things, and so far have not been disappointed. The story is intriguing and a little dark with kidnapping and murder right off the bat.

It’s pretty hard though. I died several times, very quickly, and had to reload each time from the one save point in the area. I have to go back to basics and make sure to save more frequently, because I lost a good 15 minutes of play with one of those deaths.

I like simple games. A bit of action platforming and exploration can go a long way. Not every game needs the complicated mechanics of a Final Fantasy or ingenious premise of Portal 2. Let me jump around and figure stuff out, while possible shooting stuff, and I’ll be happy.