ESPN wants you to have a television service to watch the World Cup on their app for iOS.  This is a problem because I haven’t had cable TV for several years, but have been making due quite happily with Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and occasionally Hulu Plus.

I was preparing to see if any of my family could loan out their cable provider credentials when I discovered a simple workaround for living room based World Cup viewing.  It turned out the streaming service works fine without any barriers on a laptop.  Once I (quite literally) dusted off my rarely used laptop, I loaded the Brazil vs Cameroon game up in a browser, plugged the HDMI cable into my TV, hit full screen, and was good to go.

Quite a few different services work this way.  They don’t mind giving you unfettered access on your computer, which they seem to assume remains mounted on a desk where only you can view it, but as soon as you try to view it on a device that can travel in any way, or has a historical likelihood of being attached to the television in your living room, the media companies start erecting barriers to access.  It boggles the mind as to what their goal in this might be.

Either way, we’ve got the World Cup on now.  As Ryan would say, “Go Sport!”