This is probably the first time we truly continued a joke from a previous comic. Here they made good on their promise to keep the Christmas spirit alive through New Years. It is a pity the idea does not appear to be catching on.

The other way to keep the Christmas season going is to hold some of the gift giving till after the holiday. It’s part of the premise of the song, The 12 days of Christmas, from which the title to this comic and the setup to the last two comics were derived. It’s not a normal thing these days though. We like to get all our presents Christmas morning or before. Any later is generally met with derision.

I received a late Christmas present the other day in the form of two very interesting Chinese language books. One on Chinese idioms, and the other one with slightly more interesting phrases. The latter was the highlight of my holiday. I like to get gifts I wouldn’t normally buy for myself, and I couldn’t even dream of this one. Don’t you think it’s important to know how to call someone a moron, tell them to shut up, or say “boobies” in any given language? The answer should be a resounding “Yes” without hesitation.