In my formative days, a chief method of punishment involved the revocation of video game and television privileges. In those times that my mother was not home, I would play anyway and attempt to hide my tracks to avoid extending my sentence. It must have been very quickly that she began to take various components of the forbidden system and put them out of reach: controllers, audio/video cables, cartridges, and even the system itself. I would climb up to retrieve them and attempt to replace them after playing, but that did not fool anyone either. Eventually this conflict escalated to such a point that she would hide the components and I would search for them once she had left the house. My mother hid this particular cartridge so well that even she could not find it. And in fact it was rediscovered many years later, and I was pretty upset at the time.

I’m extremely excited for Monday’s comic. It will be Halloween themed. Be sure to come back for it!

I am planning to play Skyim on my PS3 for a few reasons. Firstly, while my PC machine does meet the stated minimum specifications, it does not quite measure up to those recommended specs. On a side-note, I find it hilarious that the recommended specs list Windows XP, but not Vista. This may be a mistake, but it’s still funny. Anyway, despite having a decent PC gaming rig, it might be notable that most of my discussions involve console gaming. This is because I have always preferred playing games on consoles. I spend my entire work day at a mouse and keyboard, and by the end of each I really just want to get away from the computer. Even beyond that, the first games I played were on consoles and I have always found the controllers more comfortable and sitting on a couch more relaxing.

And in the end the main difference is simple. My computer monitor is a decent size at 24″, but that is still half as large as my 50″ television. Size matters. A lot.