We’re digging at the concept of more Wii Fit activities on the Wii U with ever so much subtlety here. I haven’t touched my Wii Fit or it’s requisite balance board in more than three years. It’s much more convenient to exercise without it. And if there is a sport that you practice, there are better exercises you can do than the generic yoga workout Wii Fit offers.

That said, I think the off TV play on Wii U will be a big boon to the fitness genre. It’s easy to imagine that having to occupy the family television every time they want to workout led many a housewife to abandon their fitness regimens. It doesn’t make a lot of sense when you think about it at first. There are probably many times when the TV is unoccupied, but turning it on takes time, and you have to get that balance board out of the closet, and the batteries are probably dead…

You get my point.

If the Wii U almost eschewed the touch screen controller out of price concerns, I don’t think that bodes well for the system’s affordability. We’re probably not talking 3DO level pricing to start, but somewhere in the range of Xbox 360 and PS3’s $400-$500 range seems likely. Those LCD screens don’t come cheap.

It’s probably for the best that multiple WiiPad support won’t happen right out of the gate. Those things are going to be more expensive than a traditional controller. It will also probably be difficult to even find an extra WiiPad for a few months following launch. When the two WiiPad experiences start coming (and I’m sure they’ll be awesome), I hope you have friends that buy a Wii U.