Now all I really want is to go get some cupcakes. I wrote this yesterday, but for some reason the craving for sweets didn’t hit me until today, when I saw the pile of treats stacked so beautifully in full color on that plate. It looks a little like the forbidden magic rose in Beauty in the Beast with that glass cover. I don’t know why that is important. Just thought I’d mention it.

Today is the real flesh and blood Michelle’s birthday as well. While much of what happens to her fictional counterpart is, appropriately as it were, entirely a work of fiction, she has been responsible for the inspiration surrounding the character, and occasionally impacted the continuity.

For instance, yesterday she told Ryan she wanted a comic for her birthday, and we are nothing if not accommodating. I’m sure others will make demands in the future and, while the helm of this comic ship belongs to myself and Ryan alone, we will take any requests into consideration.

Payment in food is also encouraged. Especially cupcakes. Someone get on that.