This little series will continue on Thursday, when we see what Mike is up to. Be sure to check back.

I have had little time for the video games lately, but I had picked up Rainbow Moon, a strategy RPG on PSN, so I finally sat down with it this weekend. It is a decent looking game, and uses the isometric view with grid playing field that Final Fantasy Tactics immortalized and developers seemed to shun thereafter. The combat is simpler in Rainbow Moon, mostly because after several hours of play I only just got my third character.

There are a few unexplained details in the game. For instance, sometimes leveling up will award you with a “Skill Point”, but skills do not use points. They use MP. What are Skill Points? I have no idea. I only know that I must have a ton of them.

Food also comes into play, an aspect you may remember from the old days of Ultima: Exodus. In that game, you had to buy food, and if you ran out, your characters would slowly lose health and die. In Rainbow Moon, your characters have a “Hunger Meter”. If it runs out, something bad happens. Again, I have no idea what that is, but the game supplies you with sufficient supply from drops and treasure chests that it should never be an issue.

Just remember to eat.